Who is pmp ?

Who is pmp ?
The Belgian Plate-forme Maison Passive asbl, called pmp, often participated to the emphasis and the realization of exemplary buildings : during its implementation phase, during the positioning of experts, or still by disseminating information or organizing colloquiums about the obtained results results. Aware that the energy is not everything in the sustainable construction, pmp is also implied in the definition of the new Belgian sustainable reference.

History of pmp
pmp, was born in August, 2006 on the initiative of private persons, companies and institutions that have a big interest for the passive standard and wish to develop activities that encourage its distribution.
The passive standard created such a craze that the small team of volunteers of the beginning became a robust team of 15 persons. Since its creation, the pmp pulls the market of the construction upward from an energy point of view, and its efforts are not vain. About 300 buildings received the passive house certification in Belgium, this is without the buildings that are close to the required criterions and which pmp was able to guide. pmp is also the author of various documents or web sites helping the sector to move forward.

Expertise of pmp
pmp is the Belgian reference expert regarding high energy efficiency constructions and based on the passive concept buildings and actively contributes to the establishment of standards connected to energy savings in the building. It edits reports of expertise and analysis and leads researches in various fields : thermal bridges, tertiary sector, analysis of the life cycle, etc.
To answer its mission of dissemination, the platform conceives and edits publications intended to teach sharper or non-specialized subjects to the masters of work, architects and engineering consulting firms.

Free access softwares
pmp also developed free access softwares (BeGlobal, ConnecTools) to help the designers in their calculations, and statistical tools allowing in particular a comparative analysis of the datas given by the PHPP conception tool (software specific to passive buildings).

Expertise and support missions
pmp already led various expertise and support missions to institutions in Brussels Capital Region, a region which is quoted as an example within the framework of PassREg, a European project led by the IEE (Intelligence Energy Europe) program, and in which pmp is one of the official expert.