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Constructions For Life Belgium

Nous sommes spécialisés dans les isolations écologiques des immeubles d’habitation : les maisons individuelles, les bâtiments utilitaires, les monuments. Nous utilisons des matériaux modernes, tels que le polystyrène expansé pour les façades, la ouate de cellulose dans les combles et dans les planchers, Eurothane G pour le calorifugeage intérieur des bâtiments. Notre expérience bien documentée garantit une réalisation parfaite des travaux.

Onze specialiteit is de ecologische isolatie van woningen met gebruik van moderne materialen : zowel eengezinswoningen, appartementsgebouwen, nutsgebouwen als historische gebouwen : styrofoam van de buitengevel, inblazen van cellulose op zolders, in vloeren, isolatie van gebouwen van binnenuit met Eurothane G. We hebben een ruime ervaring in de sector die garant staat voor een kwalitatieve uitvoering van de werken.

Our specialisation is the ecological insulation of residential buildings : detached houses, tenement houses, commercial buildings and historic buildings using modern materials : external façade polystyrene, cellulose for insulating lofts and floors, internal insulation using Eurothane G.
We have extensive proven experience which guarantees the reliability of the performed works.

Green Renovation ? What is it all about ?
Would you like to reduce your heating bill and to get rid of moisture ?
In a few steps we will tell you how to do it.
If you take advantage of our offer we will advise you how to obtain subsidies to fund works.
You need service only ? Tell us what you need and our consultant will get in touch with you.
We are specialists in this area with proven experience.
Outdoor insulation
Façade insulation :
Thermal insulation of external walls protects the building against the impact of extreme temperatures and prevents heat loss of the building.
Its special purpose is thermal modernisation of buildings built using old energy intensive technologies (failing to comply with the effective thermal insulation requirements).
Correctly designed and made thermal insulation allows to obtain proper thermal insulating power of walls and to improve microclimate indoors as well as enables to finish façade in decorative and protective terms.
THERMOFLOC cellulose insulation system used to isolate thermally roofs will provide appropriate thermal and sound insulation of attics.
The THERMOFLOC insulating material is applied by means of special Thermoblow blow-in machines.
The insulating material is pumped under pressure into hoses, transported to the voids under the roof, where it is thickened in accordance with application technical requirements to create homogeneous, jointless insulating layer.
Eurothane G indoor insulation
Eurothane G, ideal indoor insulation is a unique an durable product made by Recticel.
Thanks to Eurothane G you get not only perfect insulation with high parameters, but also new wall finishing ready for painting. To meet the challenge, on one side, Eurothane G is covered with a plasterboard with a vapour barrier membrane between plasterboard and PU core.
Eurothane G is a very practical product when you want to renovate or change the decoration of your attic or loft. However it is also practical in case of historical buildings where it is forbidden to modify façade. Thanks to excellent insulating properties you can enjoy additional space saved thanks to applying thin panels.
Outdoor roof insulation :
Roof insulation with PIR POWERROOF panel made by RECTICEL is a especially effective solution dedicated to energy efficient or passive buildings.
The insulating panels used as skew roof insulation are equipped with a circumferential tongue-and-groove joint. Consequently they eliminate thermal bridge effect in the insulation layer. Thanks to special thick aluminium lining, acting as a screen reflecting in wintertime heat which goes indoors the insulating panels represent a highly effective solution.
Panels are hard and compression resistant. Consequently they retain their shape. From the top and from the bottom they are clad with aluminium layer. Specific properties of polyurethane cells and aluminium cladding make the panels moisture- and waterproof , whereas Rectivent membrane gives additional protection.
Any roof made with this system is resistant to any weather conditions.




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