Discover our book "Thermal bridges : a real challenge"

« Thermal bridges : a real challenge »

This first book of the collection « Comprendre et appliquer », (To understand and apply), was managed by Benoît Quevrin, coordinator of the Plate-forme Maison Passive (pmp asbl).

In order to reduce the energy consumption of a building, it is necessary to adopt, from the first pencil drawing, a design that is global and integrated to the project and that associates the aspects connected to the energy and to the architectural integration, to the technological aspects and, in a more global way, to sustainable development. It is in this optic that pmp created « Comprendre et appliquer », a collection that proposes reference books for the professionals that handle certain particularly sensitive aspects of a construction.

The thermal bridges play an important role in the energy balance of a high efficiency construction (passive standard, zero energy, etc.). The integration of thought, reflected and solved technical details, while protecting the architectural interest of a building, is thus essential. That is why the Plate-forme Maison Passive made of thermal bridges the subject of the first book of this collection.

« Developments currently underway in the construction sector attract many contributions and a great deal of feedback, but they are either not universally agreed upon or are poorly communicated. Plateforme Maison Passive is providing an analysis of these developments, describing projects and their detailed features - designing the principles that will provide ongoing thermal insulation, ensuring the proper implementation of these principles and correcting existing thermal bridges. This theoretical, comparative and explanatory work will contribute to developing independence among all those involved in the construction process, including students, through the use of documentary tools, experimentation and simulation. »

The book is conceived in two parts : the first one presents the theoretical reminders (definitions, legal frame, etc.) and informs the professionals about the energy and technical impacts of the thermal bridges in buildings. The second part targets the presentation of the thermal bridges in their global nature : graph (details, isotherms, etc.), calculations, analysis, etc., enriched by concrete examples.